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Tải IELTS Speaking band descriptors hoàn toàn miễn phí

Cùng Upfile tham khảo tài liệu IELTS Speaking band descriptors (public version). Tài liệu hữu ích cho các bạn yêu thích môn Tiếng Anh và những ai đang chinh phục ngôn ngữ này.

In order to better understand how the candidate is assessed and on the precise criteria associated with each “band,” it is a good idea to check the IELTS public band scores before viewing the video.

IELTS Speaking band descriptors (public version):

Keep in mind that your band scores represent the average of your scores in the following 4 categories:


The capacity to speak for an extended period of time without pausing or hesitating while still staying on topic and relevant


How precise and extensive is your vocabulary


A degree of correctness and adaptability in using both simple and complicated grammatical structures


Whether or not you use stress, intonation, or other pronunciation elements like connected speech, as well as how simple it is to understand you. The Examiner’s views on the candidate responses are listed below.


BAND 6.5 CANDIDATE (Part 2 only)


This applicant can talk for a long time without losing his or her coherence. Throughout his lengthy turn, there is not much repetition, despite a few pauses and reformulations.

He uses a variety of discourse markers to link concepts and arranges the information in the right order.


Additionally, with considerable flexibility and knowledge of collocation, he employs a variety of terminology, including uncommon terms (legend; background; inspired; originality; style) (a pop icon; fight for their rights).

Even when certain words are improper, comprehension is not hindered, and the range raises the grade to a higher band.


Additionally, he employs a variety of intricate structures and flexible embedded clauses.

Error-free structures are nevertheless common in this section, despite the fact that his tenses are not always exact.


He has a strong accent and regularly produces ‘f’ for ‘th’. In this part of the test, however, he only mispronounces individual words (legend; founds for funds), and although his stress patterns are sometimes distorted by intrusive fillers (ehm), his speech is generally clear.

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Listen carefully for the features noted in the feedback information for each and use the video + the band descriptors as a way to gauge your own abilities and root out the areas YOU need to work on… Tải IELTS Speaking band descriptors (public version) trên đầu nhé!